Let's Go Green! DVDs and Thumb Drives, no more!

DVDs and Thumb Drives no longer available 

In an effort to help our industry move in an environmentally conscious direction, we have phased out DVD production and thumb drives. Environmental concerns aside, DVDs are expensive and time-consuming to create, and video quality is much lower than you can experience from a digital download. This saves us time and money, and we pass the savings on to you. 

***UPDATE*** as of June 2018, due to customer demand and an ECO-friendly option, we are producing USB thumb drives again! The thumb drives are made of a recyclable, ECO-friendly casing, and are formed in the shape of a credit card so as to reduce space and waste. We are working with a company that provides ECO-friendly solutions for technology needs.

The Advantage of Digital Downloads

Unlike DVDs, digital downloads have a very low impact on the environment, are faster and easier to produce, they are available to you sooner than a DVD, there are no shipping costs, and you can view them across mobile devices, computers, and keep a copy on a flash drive or hard drive. Additionally, digital downloads are 20-50% cheaper for us, which means we pass the savings on to you!