The DIFFERENCE - What Sets Us Apart

Full Out Creative is managed by artists actively working in the business. Our team includes videographers, dancers, producers, and other essential performing arts industry professionals.

Whether you're a corporate client, or an individual dancer looking to create content for a reel, we've got you covered.

Here are some highlights of what sets us apart:

  • 5 year backup of your footage (on a local server AND off-site)
  • Professional and liability insurance
  • A large network of working professionals for advice and guidance
  • Experienced creators who KNOW performing arts (we are artists, too!)
  • Itemized estimates
  • A la carte creative services
  • Scalable project fulfillment (ie: we can scale-up for larger projects)

SEND US AN EMAIL telling us what you'd like to do, and let's start a conversation. We are artists, working with artists, to create something special.

Always the best,
Sandy & Kyle