PRICING - the deets

Sometimes you look at a price and think, "how the heck did they come up with this number?" To help you out, we decided to breakdown what goes into that number.

All of our estimates and invoices include a la carte pricing, which means you will get a breakdown of each individual charge that goes into the production. 

Aside from our time and energy, there are other things that determine how we set prices.

  1. Insurance: to make sure we (and you) are covered in the event of an accident, we need to have insurance. Many small-scale videographers don't carry insurance, and that's not a good thing. Insurance covers damaged or broken equipment, damage to the location, and liability, in case someone gets hurt.
  2. Equipment: we personally own or rent all the equipment we use, and equipment is expensive. Equipment like cameras, tripods, attachements, and monitors don't last forever, and with repeated use they wear out. In order to give you our best, we need to maintain our current equipment, and invest in new equipment.
  3. Travel & Storage: just like you, we commute to where we work, except we work all over the country. We fly, drive, and take mass transit, which means we have to pay just to get to the places we are going to film. 
  4. Video Storage and Software: we have a lot of subscriptions. We have Vimeo for sharing content and hosting content, DropBox for storing content while we work, Glacier and Carbonite to back up your footage, Nord to protect your data, QuickBooks to process invoices/estimates/payments, and the list goes on. Running a business is a lot of work, and requires a lot of tools and support. We do our best to keep costs low, while providing excellent customer service and amenities.
  5. Utilities and Advertising: we have to pay for our website, domain, business cards, logo design, power, physical storage, vehicle, office space, and a list of other things.
  6. Taxes and Professional Services: like you, we hire professionals to do the things we need experts for, like taxes and legal matters.

Although we haven't listed everything we pay for to keep things running, we thought we'd give you a heads up that we're not going to price gouge you. We have a system for pricing that is fair and equitable, to make sure we cover our expenses, do great work, and then are able to buy groceries and pay rent.

As always, if you have questions, ask!
Sandy & Kyle