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#StudioSession: $250+

This 1 hour photoshoot is a great way to get exactly what you need at our Hell’s Kitchen studio. Time for 1-2 Looks
Each additional hour: +$150


  • All original JPGs, 10 favorites enhanced, 1 retouched

  • The FOC Standard for every client

#DoubleFeature: $400

$200 each, save $100 total
Book with a friend, share your time, and save!

With this 2 hour photoshoot you and a friend can get the most out of your session & save money! The two models will alternate being photographed during sessions (approximately three 15-minute sessions per model). You get photos taken, then grab your next look & retouch your makeup while your friend takes their turn. Background colors & setups are decided ahead of time so looks can be coordinated to meet everyone's needs.


  • Each model receives all original JPGs, 10 favorites enhanced, 1 retouched

  • The FOC Standard for every client

#FullOutPhotoshoot: $650+

This 2 hour photoshoot is the best way to go #FULLOUT
Time for 4-5 Looks AND includes a Hair/Make-Up Artist who will keep you looking your best the entire shoot!
Each additional hour: +$200


  • All original JPGs, 15 favorites enhanced, 1 retouched

  • Hair/Make-Up Artist

  • The FOC Standard for every client


Please Note: To help create a comfortable & safe environment, all first-time clients should plan to attend their photoshoot with a makeup artist/stylist, friend, or parent/guardian.

Any model under 18 must have a parent/guardian attend all Photoshoot sessions.

Studio Photoshoot FAQ

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Where is your studio located?

Our photo studio is located in Hell’s Kitchen, near 52nd Street & 11th Avenue.

What is an ‘enhanced’ photo compared to a ‘retouched’ photo?

Enhancements are for lighting, color, and clarity. They give your images that extra pop and get them social-media / website ready.
Retouching is for blemish-removal, shine, fly-away hairs - all the things to get your portrait ready to print.

What happens after the photoshoot?

FOC will email you a private link to review (and download!) all your Original JPGs from the session. This happens within 48-hours of the shoot. From there you will select which images you would like enhanced and/or retouched and we we will get those done within 7 business days of your email.

Do you offer discounts? Anyway I can save money on this shoot?

Book with a friend! This is really the best way to get the most out of your #StudioSession. For $200 each, you both will have three 15-minute blocks to use. While one is in front of the camera, the other can be changing outfits & retouching make-up — minimizing any downtime between looks. Additionally this automatically covers our ‘1st-time-client’ policy




Length is based on your performance’s run time, including intermission. Rate covers standard gear, setup, and standard fees

  • All original JPGs delivered within 48-Hours

  • Best images enhanced within 7 business days

  • The FOC Standard for every client