Conservatory School for the Performing Arts Showcase Photos/Videos

We pride ourselves on quality dance and live performance photography & videography. The 2019 CSPA Showcase will be captured by professionals who have worked with anchors in the NYC Dance community such as Broadway Dance Center, The Extension at Alvin Ailey, and the PULSE Dance Experience, to name a few.

The 2019 Photos & Videos Are Now Online!

If you pre-ordered a Photo/Video Credit, you will be notified automatically when we send you the redemption code & instructions.
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You purchase credits now, and redeem them when the photos and videos are available. Credits can be used to purchase photos, videos, prints, and personalized merchandise. If you pre-order on or before June 26th, we'll add BONUS value to your credit!

  • Spend $22 Get $25 Credit ($3 BONUS, 12% Savings)

  • Spend $42.50 Get $50 Credit ($7.50 BONUS 15% Savings)

  • Spend $62.25 Get $75 Credit ($12.75 BONUS, 17% Savings)

  • Spend $80 Get $100 Credit ($20 BONUS, 20% Savings)

  • Spend $97.50 Get $125 Credit ($27.50 BONUS 22% Savings)

  • Spend $112.50 Get $150 Credit ($37.50 BONUS, 25% Savings)

  • Spend $146 Get $200 Credit ($54 BONUS, 27% Savings)

  • Spend $175 Get $250 Credit ($75 BONUS, 30% Savings)

  • Spend $210 Get $300 Credit ($90 BONUS, 30% Savings)

What can you buy*?

Digital Products

1 Photo                                    $5.00
1 Video                                    $20.00 (1 video is of 1 piece, not the entire show)
1 Photo Gallery & 1 Video        $70.00 (Photo Gallery & Video are of the same piece)

Physical Products

Items below will have additional shipping
4 Wallet Photos                          $6.95+
4x6 Printed Photo                      $2.95+
5x7 Printed Photo                      $5.95+
8x10 Printed Photo                    $13.95+

*all media and merchandise will be available for purchase/credit redemption 3 weeks after the performance.

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Do you offer DVDs or USBs?

We no longer sell videos on DVDs or USBs as alternative delivery methods. This is for both environmental reasons and cost/efficiency reasons. DVD quality is much lower than the quality you can get from a digital download, and digital downloads last far longer than a physical DVD. Also, no scratches! For more information about DVDs, check out our blog post.

How do I receive/watch them? 


DIGITAL DOWNLOADS & PRINT PHOTOS: Photos/Videos will be hosted on SmugMug. You will receive an email 3 weeks after the event with a link to all the media. In this email, you will receive a personalized redemption code equal to the dollar value of the credit you purchased plus your BONUS. You will click the link, find the products you'd like to purchase, add them to your cart, and check out. You will enter your redemption code at checkout. This article offers a quick breakdown of the redemption process with screenshots.

What if my order comes to more than my credit and bonus?

If you want to order more than you purchased in credits, you will just pay the difference.

Do you offer refunds?

No, we do not offer refunds.

Can I share my credits with a friend?

Unfortunately, you cannot share your redemption code with a friend. The redemption code will only work one time, on one order. After the code has been used (and we see when it's been used), even if you use it for a lower dollar value than you originally intended, it will no longer be usable. We do this to prevent fraud, and to keep the process as simple as possible. Redemption codes are kind of like cash, so if you give it away, we will not replace it.

What if I have additional questions?

Please email us via share@fulloutcreative.com or call 833-FULLOUT (833-385-5688)