CSPA Headshots

Headshot appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Appointments are not valid or reserved until payment is made.  All sales are final. Please read below BEFORE booking.


Where will headshots be taken?

Headshots will be taken in a combination of indoors and outdoors, near the studio or school, depending on lighting and weather. You will be notified in advance of where to meet us.

What if it rains?

Headshots will not be cancelled, regardless of weather. Expect to hear from us regarding any last-minute changes or notes.

Come Prepared

For best results, and to make the most of your time, come prepared. Remember, you only have 30 minutes, so you may want to limit changes to Layers you can change outside/in public.

Clothing: Have the outfits you would like to wear already selected and laid out. Solid colors work best - no Whites (Your face should be the brightest part) or Graphics that will be distracting. Adding a layer for texture and a simple change-up for you look can go a long way. 

Bring powder and a brush (or any other application method). Powder reduces editing time, and makes you less shiny when photographed. Using an oil wipe before applying powder/makeup can also be helpful. 


Due to time constraints and back-to-back bookings, we are unable to accommodate or prorate late arrivals or early departures to and from your headshot slot. If you arrive late, and there is still time in your slot, we will do our best to get you good shots. We cannot allow your session to bleed into the next session, however, so if you've paid for 30 minutes, and arrive 10 minutes late, you have 20 minutes left in your session. Best bet, arrive early!

What if I can't make it? Can I get a Refund?

Once you book a slot, it is non-refundable. Why? Because we have to keep others from booking the same slot. We will allow you to get a friend to fill your slot, but they need to pay you, not us. We will not be able to offer a refund, so make sure the person you select to take your slot pays you, not us. There are no exceptions to this policy.


Retouching is NOT included in the headshot price. We want to make sure you are only charged for the Services you use. Retouching is charged at a flat $50 per photo. Specific instructions will be sent with your Images two weeks following the Performance Weekend.

As an alternative, you may contact Reproductions NYC, although they charge per minute for editing, and you may pay more.

When will I get the images?

You will receive the images two weeks after they are taken. You will receive all images, unedited, in digital format, that were taken during the headshot session. Digital downloads are included in the price, but you may request a USB thumb drive with all of your images for an additional $25, which includes shipping, tax, processing, and the USB drive itself.


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