COVID Safety Protocols

Proof of vaccination is required for all attendees who wish to be unmasked. If an unvaccinated model needs to remove their mask, all guests (regardless of vaccination status) will need to wear masks.
Between bookings, high-touch areas & equipment is disinfected, and we open windows to circulate fresh air. Bookings will not be back-to-back to allow for cleaning & social distancing


Cleaning Protocol:

Soft, porous materials have been properly cleaned or removed
High touch surfaces and shared amenities have been disinfected
Bookings are spaced apart to allow for enhanced cleaning
Supply a hand washing station with soap, warm water, and paper towels or hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
Clean common areas allowing guest access including bathrooms, kitchens, and entrances.
Collect and clean dishes, silverware, and other provided host amenities, if applicable.
Remove garbage and add new lining to cans.


Protective Gear

Disinfecting wipes or spray and paper towels
Hand Sanitizer
Disposable masks / face coverings


Phyiscal Distancing

Capacity is limited based on governmental guidelines
Space has access to outdoor air ventilation