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There are no refunds.
Please be sure you can use the time slot you choose.
10am Time Slot: $45 | All Other Times: $75

What is Collaboration Day?

Collaboration Day is a new offering from Full Out Creative for past clients only. This is a way for FOC to invest in the people who invested in us -- We wanted to create an opportunity for our Clients to get new and interesting media while trying new creative ideas. You get interesting photos at a discount, and we get the space (and bodies) to try new things. If an idea works out well, client-approved images from the Collaboration Day will be used to promote the offering.

How much will it cost / What do I get? / How much time do I get?

Cost: $75 for 45-minutes of photos & 15-minutes of review / crossover with the next time. This is a 60% discount from our full-priced photoshoot.

Deliverables: You will get all usable JPGs from the shoot and your top 5 favorites enhanced for lighting, color, and clarity.

How will it work?

We will email a list of Past Clients when it is time to schedule/book the sessions - we will announce when registration opens ahead of time to give everyone the same opportunity. They will always be first come, first serve based on checking out / paying for your time slot. Time slots will not be confirmed until they are paid for on our Website.

Are there any restrictions?

The images can only be used in the following ways:

  • By FOC: Model-approved images could be used to promote our photography services and business overall.

  • By Models: To promote themselves as artists / individuals.

Some examples:

  • Images cannot be sold, used on an item that is for sold (T-Shirt, postcard, etc.), or used to promote a 3rd party. This includes stock photo sites.

  • Images cannot be used to promote events, performances, or other companies. For Example, as promotional material for a show produced by the model.

Why does the 10am session cost less?

Although we will be setup and ready to go -- the first session really is the hardest. With any new idea, there always is a steep learning curve -- and we don't expect this first session will get quite as many photos as the rest of the day.

I have a friend who is VERY interested in this -- how would they become eligible to participate?

Simple! They would need to hire FOC for a full-priced project. For Example, they could book a regularly priced photoshoot

Please Note: To help create a comfortable & safe environment; all first-time clients should plan to attend their photoshoot with a makeup artist/stylist, friend, or parent/guardian.

Any model under 18 must have a parent/guardian attend all Photoshoot sessions.

Studio Photoshoot FAQ

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Where is your studio located?

Our photo studio is located in Hell’s Kitchen, near 52nd Street & 11th Avenue.

What is an ‘enhanced’ photo compared to a ‘retouched’ photo?

Enhancements are for lighting, color, and clarity. They give your images that extra pop and get them social-media / website ready.
Retouching is for blemish-removal, shine, fly-away hairs - all the things to get your portrait ready to print.

What happens after the photoshoot?

FOC will email you a private link to review (and download!) all your Original JPGs from the session. This happens within 48-hours of the shoot. From there you will select which images you would like enhanced and/or retouched and we we will get those done within 7 business days of your email.