AIM Invitational Photos & Videos

The 2019 AIM Invitational will be filmed and photographed by professionals who have worked with anchors in the NYC Dance community such as Broadway Dance Center, The Extension at Alvin Ailey, and the PULSE Dance Experience, to name a few. We pride ourselves on quality dance and live performance videography and photography.


PRE-ORDER PRICES valid on/before Wed 27 March 2018

  • 1 Photo Gallery* + 1 Video**
    $55 (SAVE $15)

  • 1 Photo Gallery* + 1 Video** + 1 Opening Number Video
    $65 (SAVE $25)

REGULAR PRICES starting Thurs 28 March 2019

  • 1 Single Photo - $5

  • 1 Video** from 4pm OR 7pm show - $20

  • 1 Photo Gallery* 4pm OR 7pm show - $50

*1 Photo Gallery contains all the photos from one piece, not the entire show.
* *Videos are of one dance, from one show. Post to social media with ease! The entire show is not for sale as a single video.

When will I get my media?

Digital downloads emailed to you on 8 April.
PRE-ORDERS will be delivered via email which will contain a personalized redemption code. If you purchased a eco-friendly USB thumb drive, your media will be added to it on 8 April and mailed to the address you provided us.

DVDs no longer available 

In an effort to help our industry move in an environmentally conscious direction, we have phased out DVD production. We do offer eco-friendly Thumb Drives as a delivery option at an additional cost.

Visit our Scoop article for more information.

Check out some of our favorites from 2018 

how to place an order

Choose from the options below, press ‘add to cart,’ and find the name of your dance. If you would like to order multiple dances, repeat those steps adding each dance individually. The button will change from “Add to Cart” to “Added” but it works the same way.

All orders include delivery via digital download for free. A USB delivery option can be added to your order for an additional charge.


AIM 2019: 1 Photo Gallery + 1 Video
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AIM 2019: 1 Video
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AIM 2019: 1 Photo Gallery
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For customers wishing to add a USB option to their digital download purchase for the AIM 2019 Showcase.

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